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Quite a while ago we had to change the URL Photojunction links to for updates. Unfortunately this has meant that, even though we publicised the change at the time, some people are still using a very old version. Whenever we've encountered this we have helped the user upgrade, and this is another reminder.

Check the version number you're running (bottom left of the start-up screen). If it's anything other than 1.71 you need to update. If your version is newer than 1.53 Photojunction will download the latest version automatically (all you have to do is agree).

However if you're on version 1.53 or earlier you'll need to upgrade manually. Just download the latest version from our site, trash or manually uninstall the old version from your applications folder, boot up the installer you've downloaded and follow the prompts.

Why update?

- New products and options within Photojunction, and the latest updates to Queensberry products.

- Improvements and bug fixes. We'd hate to think you're dealing with issues we've long since fixed!

- Better support. If we know you're on the latest version we can offer you better quality help.

Even if you're not using Queensberry as your album supplier it's important to keep up to date so we can offer you the best album design software.


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