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Page Types

Beautiful hand-made albums to suit every taste, style and price point

All our albums feature the same cover materials and styles — it's on the inside that they're different. Explore our unique range of matted and un-matted page types below. Check out Photo Books and our free services too.





Flushmount albums, our most popular, are printed edge to edge (without mats). Choose true photographic, offset or fine art (inkjet) printing. Heavymedium and thin pages allow up to 30, 45 and 60 pages respectively. Click through for details.




Overlay Matted 

A stunning, uncommon and completely flexible way to to turn your images into art. On matted pages, the print edges are concealed behind ivory or black overlay mats. Choose true photographic or offset printing. Up to 30 pages (60 sides).





Unique pagemount mats frame your images with striking keylines, created by meticulously trimming and hand mounting each print to fit inside the mat openings. For even more impact, add un-matted sides and Wing and Flip pages. True photographic printing.


Studio Albums

Simple, affordable and fast! We’ve cut the clutter and made Studio Albums about just our most popular options. Most sizes. Every cover material, plain or embossed. Un-matted pages, thin or medium. True photographic or offset printing. And we aim to ship in just 5-7 working days. Design and colour correction are optional extras.


Copy Albums

Perfect for parents, coffee-tables and handbags, a Copy Album is, as nearly as possible, a small replica of a larger Duo, Overlay Matted, or Flushmount album. Three sizes. Order them as optional extras with the original album — all you need to do is state what size you want, and how many! Copy albums cannot be purchased independently.


How do I become a customer?

Queensberry distributes only through professional photographers and album designers, so you'll need an approved Workspace account before you can see our prices or order our products and services. (Workspace is free to place wholesale orders with Queensberry, including album design and proofing, but you will need a paid plan if you want to set up and share your own galleries and shopping carts. Click here to register.)

How do I order an album?

Once your account is approved, log in to Workspace and click “Buy” in the main navigation, then “Books and Albums". You’ll be taken through a step-by-step process to place your order, including selecting the cover material, embossing options and extras, and uploading the image files. You can also ask us to design the album for you, or you can design it yourself in Workspace, Photojunction or third party software. To watch an in-depth video click here.

We review and process all orders manually so we can check that everything is set up perfectly before the album goes into production. You should hear from us by email within 2-3 business days. (If you ask us to design the album we should have a draft ready for you to review and approve within 2-3 days.) Once any queries are resolved we will ask you to confirm the order and pay. Please respond promptly as orders remain on hold until confirmed and paid for, and allow time for production and delivery.

How do I find prices?

Once your account is approved you can get instant cost estimates for all of our products using our price calculators in Workspace. Click "Prices" in the main Workspace navigation, select "Book and Album Prices", then click the tab for the specific album type you're interested in. If you select specific details like embossing type, cover material and optional extras the calculator will work out the total price in your local currency. The price calculators display our current prices, but please treat them as an estimate only as there may be extra charges or taxes to consider … and you may also qualify for discounts! Prices generally include shipping.

Can I design my albums in third-party software?

If you don't want to use our album design service (free with most albums) or the free Workspace Album Designer you can order Flushmount albums and Photo Books using 3rd party software, such as Fundy, SmartAlbums or AlbumStomp, although not yet matted albums. You’ll need to take extra care over technical details like file specs, page layout requirements, maximum page numbers, page dimensions and so on — all things that our in-house services and software would normally handle for you. Also, you’ll still need to specify the album details, upload the layout files and place your order in Workspace. Click here for more information. 

How does the free design service work?

Queensberry offers a free design and basic colour correction service for most albums (a small charge applies to Studio Album and Photo Book designs, and to all other albums if we don't receive a confirmed order within 120 days). Just select “Queensberry Design Service” when ordering in Workspace. You will receive an initial design draft 2-3 days after placing the order, and be able to review, request changes and approve the design in Workspace. If you wish you can involve your clients as well. Once you have approved the design we will ask for confirmation and payment as usual so the album can go into production.

What if I don't proceed with an album you designed for me?

Our design service is "free with an album order". If we design an album for you without charge, and the album order is not confirmed and paid for within 120 days, we reserve the right to charge for the service.

What cover options do you offer?

All our albums except Studio Albums offer the same cover choices: plain, or with personal embossing, a cover motif, photo front or wrap-around. (Studio Albums offer plain or embossed covers only.) Click the links to see our range of cover materials and cover styles.

Samples and discounts

We offer new customers 25% discount on up to three Display Samples from our Book and Album ranges (regular clients: 40%). To request sample discount simply order the album in Workspace as usual, and check the "sample album" checkbox. If your order qualifies, we will deduct the discount from the order before requesting payment. If for some reason the checkbox is not available, simply request sample discount in the order comments.

Click here for details of our Promotional Discounts, Tier discounts (to regular clients) and Companion Discounts (if you order more than one product from the same set of images).

How long does it take to receive my album?

Follow this link to see the service times for each album type. Please treat these times as estimates. Queensberry products are hand-made, and the volume of orders varies week to week and seasonally, which means production times can change. 

Can you ship directly to my clients?

On request we can ship products directly to your clients, whether your own wholesale orders, or orders placed in your retail shopping cart in Workspace. For albums, add a note in special instructions with the address the album is to be sent to. For wholesale box and print products, set up your order as normal, and, when you’re ready to check out, check the “Send directly to client” radio button. Enter their address details and we’ll ship the goods directly to them. 

Note: Drop shipping is normally only available when your clients are in the same country as you. If so, there is no extra charge for the service. If your clients are not in the same country just add a note to your order and, if possible, we’ll sort something out for you. However you may need to pay extra shipping charges. Dropshipped orders do not contain any invoices or paperwork that would indicate the wholesale cost of the order from Queensberry to you.

What sizes are available?

Flushmounts, Overlay Matted, Duo: 8x8, 10x7, 10x10, 12x12, 14x10, 15x12, 18x10, 18x12. Rectangular sizes are available both vertical or horizontal.

Stuio Albums: 8x8, 9x9, 12x9.

Copy Albums: 5", 7", 10" (longest side, with the same aspect ratio as the original).

How are the albums presented?

Most of our albums come in a soft grey suede-like bag and beautiful silk-screened presentation box. The small 8x8 and 10x7 albums, and all Photo Books, Studio Albums and Copy Albums come with the grey bag alone. We also offer Carry Cases, Display Boxes and Designer Boxes as optional upgrades. (Carry Cases are highly practical for carrying your sample albums from place to place.) Boxes and carry cases must be ordered with the original album, and cannot be purchased independently.



Ordering albums is easy

It's quick and easy to order albums from Queensberry, through Workspace. It's a step-by-step process that guides you through each set of options as you personalise your album.


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