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Workspace gives you access to all things Queensberry. Start by signing up for a free account. Once we've confirmed you're a professional photographer or album designer you can review our wholesale pricing and place orders. We'll also add you to our pro-only mailing list (unsubscribe any time). 


Whether you want to order products or create your own image gallery and online store, you'll need images to work with. Go to the Workspace Dashboard and click UPLOAD IMAGES. You'll go straight to the Uploader window. Create a new "event", choose the images to upload and you're on your way...


Our free design service is the most popular way to order an album (a small charge applies to books). After uploading the images, Workspace will take you to the "Event" window with your images displayed.

Select an image collection with the files you want to include in your album (you may need to create a new collection). Click the ORDER PRODUCTS then you will see the design an album option. to begin, then select "Design it for me" as the design method. Build your album by choosing from the options Workspace will offer you. Then hit SEND.

To find out more about free album design, how to order sample albums or our starter kit, or how to design a book or album yourself, go to How to Order.



Order Other Products

You can order print products, canvases, frames, fine art prints and presentation boxes at wholesale prices in Workspace.

From the Dashboard, click on IMAGE GALLERY and open the Event with the images you uploaded. Select the images you want to order products from, and, with the images selected, click the blue ORDER PRODUCTS button.

Workspace will take you to our shopping cart, where you can specify the products and services you want to buy.


You can create beautiful image galleries in Workspace, and share them with your clients and the world. And if you add a shopping cart you can retail Queensberry products yourself:

Still in the Event window, with your images displayed, click the blue SHARE button. A pop-up window will open. Stay on the AUTO tab and click the “Collection URL” at the bottom of the pop-up - don't do anything else. Your collection will open in a new page. You’ve published your first gallery! For more about sharing and selling go to Workspace.