Copy Albums

Copy Albums


Flushmount Copy Albums are as nearly as possible, a small replica of a larger album. You can order copies of Duo, Overlay Matted, Flushmount, Classic Matted and Musée albums.

Please note that all Copy Albums are Flushmount style albums. We cannot create matted pages in these size albums, so the mat texture and any border colour effects are digitally replicated.

Translucent title pages are not included with Copy Albums. However, a title may be added upon request, for a surcharge.


Flushmount Copies are available in 5-inch, 7-inch and 10-inch sizes. This measurement refers to the larger dimension (width or height) of the album. The aspect ratio changes to suit the original album. You can order up to 5 copies in each of these three sizes, but not copy albums that are larger than the original!


Cover material of Flushmount Copy Albums is matched to the larger original album. Covers are plain and un-padded. We can't replicate Wrap-around covers, Cover Motifs or Blind Embossing due to size limitations, but we do replicate half and full Photo Fronts.

Flushmount Copy Albums are presented in velvet bags (no box).

Cover Motifs are not included with Copy Albums. However, a Cover Motif may be added upon request, for a surcharge.


Copy albums can be ordered in Photojunction or Workspace when ordering the main album. Check out this Knowledge Base article for more information on Flushmount Copy Albums.

Banner Image By: Polly Alexandre