Custom Books

A complete solution

Do you have unique requirements, a sizeable order or a special project involving books, albums, boxes or prints? Perhaps you need total confidentiality or a gender-restricted workflow? You won't be the first to ask, and we're here to help if we possibly can.

This beautiful limited-run book celebrating the super yacht Vertigo, New Zealand-built by Alloy Yachts, is a perfect example. Photographed and produced by Brendan O'Hagan, and designed by Tim Hamilton, it was printed and bound at Queensberry.

Whether you're after limited runs or a one-off, printing, production or design services - or all three - we'd love to work with you.

Personalised Book

We designed this book for Judith Thompson, the retiring Director of Better By Design. The brief was to design, print and bind a book filled with photos and personal messages supplied by staff, clients and friends from her time with NZTE (New Zealand Trade and Enterprise), of which Better By Design is part.

Both directly and indirectly Judith has had a major influence on our business, as Better By Design sponsored a design audit and mentoring project for Queensberry, and we have been part of a number Better By Design education initiatives.

AIBP Q-Books

We designed, printed and bound a number of these limited edition Q-Books for AIBP (Association of International Boudoir Photographers). The books feature a collection of photographs that were part of the “2014 Best of AIBP Image Competition”.

AIBP seeks to unite professional boudoir photographers globally, to share in common interests from the beauty, art, technique and business aspects of the industry.

The 10x10 Q-Books have a Carbon Buckram cover and printed on Tintoretto art paper.