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Your blog is a great way to share your work and connect with potential new clients. It's a tool for drawing people in from Facebook and other social media sites, for keeping your site fresh, interesting and ever-changing, and for keeping your image galleries and work in front of people.

Share your ideas and interests too! It’s a great way make your website feel more personal. If people can get an idea of the type of person you are, they are more likely to feel comfortable and trust you.

Storyboard created in Workspace, images by Cam Grove Photography.


Storyboard created in Workspace, images by Cam Grove Photography.

What you talk about on your blog is important. One advantage you have over other bloggers is that your customers will be keen to share their (your!) photos with their friends. Write with them in mind ("We loved these photos of Jack and Jill - such nice people too."). But be sure to show your best work, the products you offer (if you love albums, tell people!), and the experience you can provide, so potential clients can see your value.

You'll want to stand out from the crowd, too. Talk about what makes you unique.

Don’t make the mistake of starting a blog, then ignoring it. Regularly posting is vital to getting people to your website – and Workspace Storyboards and Blog tools mean you can create posts in minutes!

Watch a quick blog set-up tutorial below, and visit our Help Centre to see how to write your first post.

From time to time we feature photographers and creative people on our blog. For a chance to be featured, send us an email.


PS This blog is published in Workspace.

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