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If you're wondering how to upload your logo to Workspace, read on! We'll explain how to create a favicon too.


The graphic shows how we added our logo to the queensberry.com website (which is built in Workspace).

1. Select SETTINGS from in the main navigation. 

2. Select Appearance from the dropdown menu.

3. Click on the Logos tab.

4. Click the Upload logo button.

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That's all there is to it. Your logo will be displayed full size (a 200px image will appear smaller than a 500px image, for example), so you need to scale it to the appropriate size. Try uploading and see how it looks. It's very quick and easy to rescale and upload a new version.

5. Upload a Favicon

A Favicon is an icon that web browsers use in the URL address bar and bookmark lists. If you want to add one, it's uploaded in exactly the same way as the logo. Favicons should be 16x16 pixels and the file format ico, png, gif or jpeg. Because they are very small, you'll need to choose something simple.


For more information on uploading your logo to Workspace, click here.

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