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Workspace Album Proofing takes the hassle out of communicating with your clients about their album design. It's a transparent and intuitive way for them to communicate their requests for changes and, when they're ready, to approve the design so you can confirm their album order. 

New functionality and a simplified interface make Workspace a great solution for managing your Queensberry album designs. And if you're not using Workspace for image hosting and sales you won't need a paid plan to use it.

Updates to Comments: Comments are organised layout by layout, with an intuitive marker tool that lets you and your clients click anywhere on a page, and make comments or requests specific to that particular layout or image.

Receiving Feedback: Once you receive your client's feedback, it's easy to keep track of your changes, by marking comments as "completed" and/or replying to them before you send a new draft version.


Locked design: To avoid misunderstandings, versions are locked while you're waiting for your client's feedback (or vice versa). Workspace also saves previous versions for you to refer back to.

Approving designs: Once your clients are ready to approve the design it's easy for them to click "approve", so can you place their album order.

The following links will take you to in-depth information about how album proofing works with albums designed by the Queensberry design team, in Workspace itself and in Photojunction, and albums designed in Third-party software.

Alexandria x

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