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This weeks 'Share of the Week' goes to Photography by Krishanthi,  based in the UK , who shared her latest Queensberry album on Instagram .  Thanks for sharing, Krishanthi. There’s a wee thank you on its way to you. "Sit with your grandchildren in your lap and talk them through that time when you pushed lanterns out into the Mediterranean sea in the dead of night, celebrating your wedding in Italy... and your crazy, amazing photographer got in the sea to shoot it... don't forget that part!" This wedding To View More >>

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Pagemount vs Overlay We offer a few types of matted album — Overlay Matted, Duo and Musée —and one of the important differences between them is whether the prints are mounted Overlay or Pagemount style. So what's the difference? Overlay: Industry-wide, almost all matted albums are overlay mounted, so overlays may not be new to you. Details may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the photographs are attached behind the mat, which covers and conceals the edge of the prints. You can see this clearly in the first photograph. To View More >>

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Queensberry designers Alex and Melissa talk about our handmade, Matted Print Box range. Wondering what a Premium Box is? Are you hoping to see what our Studio Box range offers? Or maybe you're interested in seeing our new Portrait Albums (that pair perfectly with Studio Boxes). Take a look. If you have any more questions, be sure to comment below. Featured imagery: Uber Photography, AUS Victoria To View More >>

Is this the ideal way to present your portrait photography? Your clients will love our hand made boxes, designed to keep their favourite images looking their beautiful best for years to come. They’re designed to be enjoyed too — whether for sharing with friends and family, or for quiet reflection in an overloaded world. And of course they’re a great silent salesman for you. Our Q boxes can hold up to 25 prints in 10x8 or 14x11 mats (25x20 or 45x28cm). The feature you may like best? We do the work, not you! Just upload your images and in two weeks we’ll deliver To View More >>

The presentation box our albums come in has a long history. Developed for us in 1995 by leading designer Donna Hoyle, it combines two graphic elements: a 17th Century Italian text, and a series of leaf and heraldic devices including our own Cherub.It doesn’t even bear our name, but to us, and our customers, it’s a key part of our identity, like Tiffany’s Blue Box… but maybe not as famous! The Box even survived a total rebranding in 2008, when we couldn’t bear to part with it. It was another seven years before we refreshed the design, and even To View More >>