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We saw this beautiful album by DeRay and Simcoe Photography as it went through the bindery. For a little something different, they photographed the album for us! Take a look at their great photos of the main album and copy, and some words about the big day. "Kathryn and Kirk have been the easiest clients to work with since they booked their wedding with us more than 12 months before the big day. A late September wedding, the weather forecast wasn’t great for the day but they weren’t too worried and went ahead with their 'plan A' with no dramas at all." "Their To View More >>

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It's quick and easy to order albums from Queensberry, through Workspace. It's a step-by-step process that guides you through each set of options as you personalise your album. Just as important, it helps you avoid "gotchas", where you have your mind set on something we can't do, like emboss Vanilla Bean Micro Leather or Linen. In fact, for that reason alone we recommend that you set up the album before you get involved in page design … and certainly before you offer your customer something we can't do! These gotchas (exceptions) can be frustrating, and we To View More >>

We spoke to Dan Morris Photography, based in the UK, about his wedding photography practice, some memorable moments over his career, and why he offers albums to every client. I have been photographing weddings for around six years, though this is my second year full time. I started off as 'Uncle Bob' and took my camera along to a friend's wedding, with no intention of ever becoming a wedding photographer. I posted a few images on Facebook and then two couples asked if I'd be interested in capturing their special day.  How would you describe To View More >>

Apart from the fact that Katherine adores Queensberry albums, she personally feels you can’t beat printed images. In this day and age everyone (herself included) has thousands of photos on their phones, computers and social media accounts, but they rarely get round to printing the images. And yet when you hire a professional photographer the images are of such beautiful quality, it's such a shame to confine them to a ‘screen’, as they take on a whole new dimension when printed. Katherine gives us some sound album advice to ponder, interspersed with beautiful To View More >>

Matted prints are proving to be a great sales tools within the professional photographer community, and since Sue Bryce introduced her 'reveal wall' sales technique, photographers have been jumping on this for their own studios. Our Studio Boxes and Slip-in mats are designed so you can stock up with products, and order your Queensberry prints separately. The prints will only take a few days to arrive depending on whether you want us to colour correct or not … or of course you could print your own. Either way, you'll be able to schedule a To View More >>

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