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Someone suggested the other day that Queensberry’s “look” is “classic”, and if you want “hip” albums you’ll need to look elsewhere. So … how do we plead? Well yer Honour, on the one hand, it’s true … and on the other, it isn’t! Why isn’t it true? It’s your art, we just provide the frame. It’s your album, so if you want hip, make it so. We see plenty of up-to-the-minute designs going through the Bindery, and lots of classic work too. What we suggest is, pick from our paintbox whatever supports To View More >>

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Time is a valuable resource in any business, but especially photography. With that in mind, it makes sense to make the most of it, and to ask yourself, can I do things more efficiently? If I could outsource something, should I? Is what I'm doing even necessary? Here are four ways to optimise your time and make the most of every shoot. Photograph by Lauren Anne Photography Photograph by Lauren Anne Photography 1. Outsource Ask photographers why they got into portrait and wedding photography and they'll say how they love photography … or telling love To View More >>

Still working on getting albums approved six, nine, twelve months down the line? This will be eating into your time and your profit. Here are some simple ways to get albums approved quickly, while adding value for your client and offering them a great experience. 1. Get in quick! There's before the shoot and there's after the shoot. Before, they're looking at your products (yeah, nice!) and photos of … other people. Afterwards they have your photos of them to fall in love with — and they will. But get in quick! — before the emotion of To View More >>

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A printed portfolio of your work is a great way to attract new clients, land jobs and leave a lasting impression. And you can take it with you — never show up to a meeting empty-handed again! A high-quality, well-edited portfolio signifies the value of your work and helps you stand out from the crowd. These examples illustrate the variety of photographers we create these for, and the different types of books we make for them. Click the '+' buttons for lip-smacking close-ups. Lola Photography's Exhibition 10x10 Q Book Medium with offset Tintoretto printing. To View More >>

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We've introduced lots of new cover options this year, from Coastal Linens, and Haze, the beautiful new Micro Leather shade, to our new embossing options. It's great to see them all progressing through the Bindery. Here we'd like to explain a little more about our new Designable Canvas covers, the options available and how to order them in Workspace. And scroll down for 20% off your Q Book orders — for a limited time! For now the new canvas covers are available for Q Books and Portrait Albums. In Q Books they replace the old To View More >>

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