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Elisha and Abby are the photography and film duo at Woodlands Creative, and to put it simply, they love capturing love!  We saw this lovely album as it went through the Queensberry bindery, a 12x12 Panorama Flushmount album with silver halide printing and a cover of Bronze Metallic Faux Leather with Bank Gothic embossing. "Rather than just showing up on the day," Elisha and Abby say, "it's important to connect and build a trusting friendship with couples to be able to show how amazing their unique love story To View More >>

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Our Album of the Week features the wedding of Kathryn and Alexander, and photography by Natalija Brunovs from We Are All Stardust (AUS). Natalija shared a few thoughts about the day and the album design with us below. "I really enjoyed the laid-back elegance of these two. They had a minimalist feel but with gorgeous little details, where it really counted." "Likewise, their album design reflected that attitude. We went for a spacious modern design, letting images breath on the page, a truly “less is more” To View More >>

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A Day of Bliss Wedding Photography - NYC Wedding Photographer A Day of Bliss Wedding Photography - NYC Wedding Photographer What can we learn from A Day of Bliss? Gorgeous brides. Striking grooms. Exquisite venues. Enticing food. Charming families and friends. Alluring music, and dancing.  These phrases describe the events that Wolfgang Freithof and Chiaki Sato photograph. And imagine — A Day of Bliss Photography Studio shoots up to 70 such weddings each year. They certainly enjoy the high-level of success that most wedding photographers aspire to, so what To View More >>

Our friends in the northern hemisphere may find it hard to imagine the festive season without snow, hot cocoa, and a warm fireplace, but in Auckland, New Zealand, where we're based, Christmas day is more likely to be beach adventures and a barbeque. We spoke to Ant Green  about what makes a New Zealand summer, and our unique festive season, so special. Ryan Heath Titahi Bay, Wellington. Ryan Heath Titahi Bay, Wellington. Do you have a favourite or secret go-to spot in NZ? What a tricky question! I love exploring new places. However, there is this one place that To View More >>

© 2016 Gregory Georges © 2016 Gregory Georges In my short life I've listened to music played on 7″ and 12″ vinyl records, reel-to-reel tapes, 4-track tapes, 8-track tapes, compact cassettes, CDs, digital audio tapes, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, streaming-music services, and many digital audio formats. With each media came a new player, destined to become outdated and therefore inaccessible. There are lessons in that for photographers… A personal story about media loss, and the pain it causes Earlier this year my wife and I emptied the house where she grew To View More >>

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