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Thanks so much for all the positive and constructive feedback about our recent updates to Workspace Album Proofing. One thing we did wasn’t so popular, i.e. removing the ability to customise the text of the notification email — we thought we were just simplifying things! — so now you can once again customise your Album Proofing emails. 

But we've gone a step further. You can add basic styling to your emails, e.g. select a font, make the text bigger etc.  Just go to Templates, under the Sell menu in the back end of Workspace, to create your album proofing template. 


Then when you're ready to send the album on to your client for proofing, click on “Send album to client”, and your album proofing template will appear and you will be able customise the html if you wish.


Note: You must click "send" once you are in the HTML editor to make the online proofing live. If you wish to add the link into your own personal emails, send the Album Proofing email to yourself (to make the page go live) and copy the link from there. Also please be careful not to edit the URL and PASSWORD when you’re editing the text in the email itself!

If you haven't heard about our new Workspace Album Proofing click here for more information.

Alexandria x

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