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You've sent your album design to your client for proofing, now what? Using a proofing system could be a little daunting if you've never done it before, so we've created a tutorial specifically for your clients to follow so that you can get their feedback and order the album. We've even made it so when your client opens up their album design, the tutorial will appear in front of them so there's no need to do anything.  Pop-up appears when your clients review their album. Pop-up appears when your clients review their album. Do you have any feedback? We regularly update album To View More >>

Some Workspace users have more than one account (separate brands for their wedding and portrait businesses, for example). Some busy studios have several people working in the same Workspace account (photographers, designers, sales people, for example). And some users do work for the owners of multiple Workspace accounts (album designers, editors, site managers, for example). In all those scenarios the Workspace Accounts and Users function makes life very easy. Save 40% on your annual Workspace subscription. Just quote WS40 when subscribing To View More >>

Queensberry designers Alex and Melissa talk about our handmade, Matted Print Box range. Wondering what a Premium Box is? Are you hoping to see what our Studio Box range offers? Or maybe you're interested in seeing our new Portrait Albums (that pair perfectly with Studio Boxes). Take a look. If you have any more questions, be sure to comment below. Featured imagery: Uber Photography, AUS Victoria To View More >>

If you're wondering how to upload your logo to Workspace, read on! We'll explain how to create a favicon too. The graphic shows how we added our logo to the website (which is built in Workspace). 1. Select SETTINGS from in the main navigation.  2. Select Appearance from the dropdown menu. 3. Click on the Logos tab. 4. Click the Upload logo button. Save 40% when subscribing, upgrading or renewing your Workspace annual plan. Conditions apply. That's all there is to it. Your logo will be displayed full size (a 200px image will appear smaller To View More >>

Here’s how to get instant answers to urgent questions like these (oh, and read on for our special offer!): Have you received my order? Is my album in production? When will it be shipped? How can I track it in transit? How do I make a payment? We’ve added a MY QUEENSBERRY ACCOUNT button to your Workspace Dashboard that gives you direct access to all that information and more. It’s the same live data our staff have access to, but you won’t have to wait for us to receive your enquiry and reply. Especially if we’re in way different time zones! Why not To View More >>