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Ever since digital replaced film as the photographers’ tool of choice, there’s been a rapid rise in reported cases of Photographer’s Herd Instinct Disease (PHID). Like other herd behaviors (buffalo grazing, people drinking Kool-Aid®, etc.) the symptoms of PHID include needing to hang out with the rest of the herd, think the same thoughts and do the same things. PHID is viral and highly contagious, and affects wedding and portrait photographers in particular. Although often transmitted through direct photographer-to-photographer contact, recent studies suggest that To View More >>

Continuing on from Katherine’s first post, 'Why Albums?', Katherine has a few more tips about how she educates her clients about printing, and some advice for photographers who might just be starting to offer albums in their packages. How do you educate your clients about the importance of printing, rather than leaving photographs on a USB? An album really is a personal preference, so I try not to push them on my clients, but now I have over 50% of my couples order albums, I love to know they will treasure these for 30, 40 maybe even 50 years! I talk about and To View More >>

Apart from the fact that Katherine adores Queensberry albums, she personally feels you can’t beat printed images. In this day and age everyone (herself included) has thousands of photos on their phones, computers and social media accounts, but they rarely get round to printing the images. And yet when you hire a professional photographer the images are of such beautiful quality, it's such a shame to confine them to a ‘screen’, as they take on a whole new dimension when printed. Katherine gives us some sound album advice to ponder, interspersed with beautiful To View More >>

I originally posted this on a private Facebook forum, where it got a lot of discussion — so what do you think? I've been watching people asking for feedback on their price lists, asking if pricing should be online, asking if everything should be shown up front, and these discussions make me think about the big problem with price lists. The way I see it is, most price lists make it sound like photographers sell USBs full of images, pieces of paper – even boxes full of pieces of paper — and the problem with that is that paper isn't worth much … so To View More >>

I believe that to succeed in this “industry" we need to fully engage our heads and our hearts, and Sonya's post demonstrates how truly engaged she is. It was about the albums she’s been keeping of her two daughters since they were born, and it reminded me of another album that Heather made years ago. So here am I, hand on heart too…Twenty-one years ago we hired a professional photographer. It was our daughter Adrienne’s birthday. Stephen was coming home from Australia with his fiancée Sonya to meet the family. Heather's Mum and Dad had long passed To View More >>

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