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I originally posted this on a private Facebook forum, where it got a lot of discussion — so what do you think? I've been watching people asking for feedback on their price lists, asking if pricing should be online, asking if everything should be shown up front, and these discussions make me think about the big problem with price lists. The way I see it is, most price lists make it sound like photographers sell USBs full of images, pieces of paper – even boxes full of pieces of paper — and the problem with that is that paper isn't worth much … so To View More >>

I believe that to succeed in this “industry" we need to fully engage our heads and our hearts, and Sonya's post demonstrates how truly engaged she is. It was about the albums she’s been keeping of her two daughters since they were born, and it reminded me of another album that Heather made years ago. So here am I, hand on heart too…Twenty-one years ago we hired a professional photographer. It was our daughter Adrienne’s birthday. Stephen was coming home from Australia with his fiancée Sonya to meet the family. Heather's Mum and Dad had long passed To View More >>

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I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but I've never read a business book. Not really. I've skirted around them … flicked through them … put them back on the shelf.Stephen on the other hand has shelves of them. He reads them and fills me in on the concepts. It's worked for many years :-)So a friend comes for the weekend and hands me this book … tells me I MUST read it: The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth by Chris Brogan, one of Stephen’s favourites.I think it's the title that grabbed me. I’ve always felt we've bordered on the right side of being freaks. Chris To View More >>

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I watched this amazing Youtube video on my iPad yesterday. An awe inspiring piece of street theatre.It got me thinking how our lives are lived more and more in two dimensions … on our “devices”.We can, and do, connect virtually with almost anything, anywhere, any time. In fact Ian discovered this event reading a (gasp) book, and googling it.But I wish I’d really been there. That's the point of street theatre, right?Imagine being there on the streets of London - closed to traffic to make way for a five-story elephant, a giant girl and a huge happy crowd. Getting sprayed To View More >>

Heather recently returned from a Better By Design US Study Tour bursting at the seams with inspiration and excited to share her journey with the rest of us. Instead of a powerpoint presentation or a sit down discussion of what she learnt, she went about posting her thoughts and snippets of wisdom all over our office walls. (Which we actually think is a lot more fun for us to digest). Above are some of my favorite post-it notes, but to be honest I probably haven't even read them all yet! (There are hundreds). I'm glad Heather had a good trip, and I'm glad she was able to bring some excitement To View More >>

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