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Here’s an offer we can’t imagine ever making again. Workspace Basic for $99. For life. Offer ends Monday 22nd Jan 2018. Think about that — you could pay your existing provider a subscription every year for the rest of your career, or act now and get photo sharing, blogging, and a sales platform for life. What’s in it for you? Doing wholesale business with Queensberry on Workspace is free, but you need a paid account to use it as a platform to host, share and sell, whether products or digital downloads. And Workspace means serious business! Our top users have been hitting To View More >>

In the past, Queensberry's online designer has never had a cover proofing function and we’re excited to announce that you can now proof plain, embossed, photo front and wrap-around covers. You will be able to see a preview in the designer, where you can adjust photos, change the embossing text and see what the cover will look like with your album. Your clients too will be able to see the cover using Queensberry’s fully integrated album proofing. We will be releasing cover motifs, designable and custom canvas covers in the New Year. To see how it works watch the To View More >>

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With Queensberry's online album designer, sending designs to your clients takes seconds. To see how, watch the video below.  Need extra help? You'll find plenty of related articles about Workspace and Queensberry products and services on our main website and help  centre,  but  click here for helpful video tutorials and articles about the Album Designer. We will be introducing changes as they are released by posting details on the Queensberry blog, and also on our closed Facebook group, Queensberry Insider, which you can  click here To View More >>

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The Queensberry online album designer is a great on the go resource that makes designing albums quick and easy. You can share your design with your clients for proofing, or share a slideshow of the finished design by email or on social media. Here's how to upload a song to Workspace, attach it to your album slideshows, and share them just like you share your image galleries. 1. Upload your chosen song  In Workspace’s main navigation click “Settings” then "Appearance". Go to the Music tab to upload your music track. Please ensure you have the rights to use To View More >>

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Our new Online Album Designer is a great on the go resource that makes designing and editing books and albums quick and easy. Today we show you how you to swap images around in the design. To switch images on the same layout: Drag and drop one image over the other. They will change places. To switch an image with another on a different layout:  Click one of the images you want to switch and drag it to the side of the screen, which will allow you to scroll through the layouts. When you get to the layout you want, drag the image you're moving over the image To View More >>

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